Domestic Electrician Services

throughout Keynsham, Kingswood and other Bristol areas

At SR Electrical we understand the importance of working with fully qualified electricians who have experience and expertise in the domestic environment. Thanks to over 30 years in the industry we are called upon by countless homeowners and businesses alike in Bristol and the surrounding South West area.


Full and Part Re-Wires

Is your building old and in need of re-wiring to help improve efficiency? If you have a whole building that needs re-wiring or just the one room then we are happy to help.

Kitchen and Shower Installations

If you are looking to revamp your home and would like someone to install the electrics for your kitchen and shower than SR Electrical SW Ltd are here to help.

Testing and Inspecting

Once you have installed the electrics in your house it is important to inspect and test the electrics periodically. By regularly inspecting and testing your electrics we can help to reduce the risks of electrics fires and faulty connections.

Outdoor Lighting

If you regularly struggle to find your keys in your bag or can’t get the key into the key hole at night because it is too dark then perhaps you should try outdoor lighting. We can install outdoor lighting to suit your needs.

Extra Sockets

As technology increases more and more devices from around the home required an electrical input. Unfortunately you may find yourself constantly plugging and unplugging devices or using overfilled extension cords. We can add in additional sockets into your house reduce over used plug sockets.

Phone and Cat 5 Outlets

If you require additional phone or cat 5 points or need an existing phone or cat 5 outlet to be moved in your house, office or work place then we can do it for you.

LED Lights

L.E.D lighting has proved very popular over the recent years with more and more people using them in their houses to provide a very modern feel to their lighting solution while keeping to the latest low energy regulations.